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Additional Tree Disease Resources (2015) - Tree Service Company Springfield MO

Additional Tree Disease Resources (2015) – Tree Service Company Springfield MO

(Information was obtained through a workshop put on by Simeon Wright, Forest Pathologist at the Missouri Department of Conservation in January 2015.)

For Plant Problem Diagnosis through the University of Missouri Plant Diagnostic Clinic check out:

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Specific Disease Information

Oak Decline –>

Oak Decline –>

Oak Wilt –>

Fire Blight –>

Bleeding Cankers –>

Ash Leaf Spot –>

Boxwood Blight –>

*Thousand Cankers Disease –>

*Thousand Cankers Disease –>

*Please be aware that “Black Walnut is ecologically and economically important to Missouri, and thousand cankers disease (TCD) is a serious threat to this resource. After reviewing symptoms of TCD, if you discover groups of walnut trees with suspicious symptoms that are not due to site disturbance or other issues, contact your Missouri Department of Conservation forester or email: …Photos can be very helpful in diagnosis.”

Missouri Exterior Quarantine Law:

If after viewing our extensive tree disease resources you have questions, since we specialize in being a tree service company, we can answer them.

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