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Benefits of Over-seeding Your Lawn - Grass Overseeding Springfield MO

Benefits of Over-seeding Your Lawn – Grass Overseeding Springfield MO

Most people only consider overseeding their lawn when their yard is bare or filled with large brown patches. But did you know that you can also spread grass seed over your entire lawn (even if it’s not bare or patchy) to make it fuller, denser, and healthier? This process is known as grass overseeding and it can greatly improve your lawn’s health and appearance, especially if you combine it with aeration and fertilization. To learn more about the benefits of overseeding, check out our tips for overseeding.

Tips for Overseeding Your Lawn

DO overseed your lawn in the fall. Hot, harsh summers often damage lawns, so autumn is a great time to give your grass some extra love and attention. Aim to plant in late summer or early fall, to give your new grass seed time to grow before the first frost of winter arrives. By overseeding in the fall, you’ll also give your grass plenty of time to mature before the following year’s summer.

DON’T just throw down the seeds. This is one of the biggest mistakes made by the do it yourselfers. If you want to give your grass seeds the best chance at success, help them penetrate the soil. So you’ll first need to aerate the soil to loosen it up and remove excess thatch. It’s important that the seeds come into contact with the soil instead of simply sitting on top of the grass blades. If possible, it’s also best to mow your grass a bit shorter than usual and use a commercial seed planter.

DO use quality grass seeds. For best results, you need to use high-quality grass seeds that have been selected and grown for the area we live in. Quality seeds will produce quality grass. That’s why we’ll only use a grass seed that is either (1) the same type as your grass or (2) compatible with your type of grass.

DON’T let the seeds dry up. After overseeding, you’ll need to make sure that the seeds stay wet for a couple of weeks, giving them plenty of water with which to germinate. After those initial two weeks, you can taper off your watering until the first frost of the season occurs.

DO hire a professional. With our carefully selected grass seeds, years of experience, and expert knowledge, our lawn care professionals can help you get the most out of your lawn through overseeding. We can also come back for a lawn “check-up,” to ensure that the overseeding process was successful and the grass is healthy and beautiful.

Mature grass has a slower reproduction rate, so overseeding (which brings in young seeds) will help keep your lawn lively and vibrant. After overseeding, your lawn will be thicker and any thin spots should be filled in with grass. Your yard should appear fuller, lusher, and generally more beautiful. What’s not to love?

If you’re planning to overseed your lawn, give Gabris Landscaping a call. Our overseeding program includes aerating the soil, removing thatch, and using a commercial seed planter to work the seeds into the soil. Additionally, we only use high-quality seeds, selected and grown for the southwest Missouri area. We look forward to making your lawn the best that it can be.

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