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Grass Watering for Sod-Seed

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How to Water Your New Sod and/or Grass Seed

  • For temperatures above 85oF increase frequency of watering not the length of the watering times
  • During periods of cold weather (45oF and below) the watering cycle can be decreased to once a week or once every other week
  • Water less than prescribed below when there are significant amounts of rainfallon the seed or sod
  • If there is excessive rainfall you may skip a water ingcycle as long as the ground is sufficiently moist
  • Touch the ground with your hands or bare feet to feel for excessive moisture and/or dry/hard ground
  • This is the best way to determine watering needs
  • If the ground is squishy, you sink in, or it splashes water and mud when patting your foot on the ground, don’t water for that day.
  • If the ground is hard or dry to the touch, it can be watered
  • The key to establishment is to keep the soil around the root system moist
  • The best time of day to water is between 4-8 a.m.(this will minimize your chances for disease development in new sod) and it is the time of day when up take of water and nutrients is most active

Weeks Since Planted     Watering Schedule using a Hose

1-2                                     Once daily (3-6 seconds) per sqft

3-6                                      3x/Week (3-6 seconds) per sqft

7-8                                      1x/Week (5-10 seconds) per sqft

Weeks Since Planted       Using Irrigation System

1-2                                      Daily watering at half of normal watering time(Twice daily during Summer heat)

3-8                                    3x/week (regular watering schedule)

* Continue watering as outlined for light rain events

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