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Improve Your Yard With Hardscape Design Springfield MO

Improve Your Yard With Hardscape Design Springfield MO

At Gabris Landscaping, most people think of all the beautiful ways we can improve their yard with plants, landscaping and their lawn. But did you know that we also specialize in hardscapes? Hardscaping is the use of hard materials such as stone, concrete or pavers to build structures into an environment or landscape. A successful hardscape brings value, aesthetics, and function to your home. Fixed objects in a landscape are not easy to move, so here are a few tips to consider before creating and installing your next summer hardscape project.

Spatial Considerations

Before designing your hardscape we always consider the entire area available. If we didn’t consider your entire site comprehensively, we could find future additions to your hardscape difficult to implement. Our hardscape design professionals always have the best understanding of what we have to work with.


The best hardscape design provides proper runoff and serves as a drainage tool for your landscape. Ignoring drainage requirements would cause you future headaches and could potentially ruin your hardscape.

Balanced Elements

Plopping a boulder just anywhere would make your hardscape look awkward. We make sure our use of the elements is appropriate and looks natural. Our ornamental landscaping incorporate curves and shapes to make natural transitions between your hardscape and the surrounding landscape.

Go Green

A well designed hardscape lives in tandem with the natural greenery of your landscape, rather than replacing it outright. So we frame your hardscape with shrubbery, flower beds and turf.

Choose Proper Materials

A hardscape can be traditional or modern, formal or relaxed. The best hardscapes have a distinctive style and the materials we select complement their surroundings. We like to make use of textures without overdoing it. Using too many textures makes your hardscape look busy and distracting. Our professional hardscape designers will help you determine the best materials for your style.

Create a Focal Point

Your hardscape isn’t just there to take up space. We use your hardscape to direct attention to a point of interest in your landscape. A visual element that makes you pause and take notice can bring out the best of your landscape.

Call Gabris Landscaping for Your Professional Hardscaping Needs

Hardscapes are so much prettier than just plain concrete. If you’re interested in a paver patio, a fire pit, decorative columns or a retaining wall, give the pros at Gabris Landscaping a call. Our hardscapes allow you to make your yard more versatile, attractive and functional. Use more of your yard with less maintenance and less mud.

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