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Spice Up Your Landscaping with Water Features Springfield MO

Spice Up Your Landscaping with Water Features Springfield MO

Adding water features to the landscaping in your yard helps to soothe the spirit after a hard day of work. A beautifully planted yard with well-groomed plants and hardscaped walkways with custom bricks is a great start, but it lacks the flow and continuity that a stream, pond or fountain can bring. A well-designed yard will make a statement about the owner with a professionally designed pond, waterfall or fountain included in the landscape.

There are a variety of water features to consider for your landscaping with more benefits than just beauty and relaxation to be gained. With the increasing weather shifts including droughts and intermittent heavy downpours, a well-designed yard can include rainwater harvesting. A water garden created by our certified landscape professionals can be one of the most beautiful and earth friendly water features that one can invest in.

Our water features add tranquil beauty and relaxing sounds to a back or front yard oasis. Especially when you mix in lighting with your water features and plants to make them feel more natural. Your family and friends will all feel welcomed and relaxed in a yard with these additions. No need to travel to some far away location to relax. It makes sense for families to do more to make their home like a mini vacation spot.

Water features designed by our landscape professionals can avoid some of the leakage and mildew problems that homemade additions or hobbyists encounter when attempting to install such an intricate feature.

Lovely waterfalls and ponds can actually channel excess rain away from the foundation of a home, offer some flow and balance to the yard, and become a lovely topic of conversation. Keep in mind that there will be extra maintenance for these water features, so they are only recommended for the dedicated homeowner.

Imagine working from home and wanting to take a break. Simply by walking into your back yard, a quick stroll can energize the spirit to go back into the focus mode for a more productive working day. A home business owner would be better prepared to entertain business guests with a patio and a small stream or fountain running nearby. The conversation is much more likely to go well with this type of atmosphere.

Our professional landscape designers will take into account the drainage of the soil, the location of the streets and trees, and the run off of your yard. Our final design will be one that not only adds harmony to your life, but it will also add value to your home.

Why Hire A Professional Landscape Design Company Springfield MO

Why Hire A Professional Landscape Design Company Springfield MO?

Does your dream backyard have beautiful plants, shrubs and winding walkways? If you want everything installed and built properly, hire a professional landscape design company. Gabris Landscaping has the experts you can rely on to not just meet, but exceed standards to make sure the job is done right.

Our professional landscapers have excellent ideas that work. Since professional landscape companies have years of experience with a wide variety of great customers, we are already familiar with the most popular designs and ideas. Based on our customer’s previous designs, we already know what works and what does not work.

Getting The Job Done Right The First Time

There are some backyard spaces that simply cannot have certain features built in, based on architecture, slope of your yard, and other elements. We know what’s best and will advise you of your options. Knowing this information can help save you money, time, and effort in the long run. When you hire us, you aren’t just getting a professional landscape company, you are hiring a team of consultants that can help you design and implement your own personal backyard sanctuary.

Our professional landscapers can actually save you money in the long run, because we know how to avoid common pitfalls that sometimes arise during landscape design and building. Knowing these elements can save you money and speed up the project.

If you try to do the landscaping yourself and you plant several plants and shrubs in your front yard and backyard that need consistent watering you might overlook a few things. Did you account for sun and shade throughout the day? Are there larger trees in the area that may well pose a hindrance to the best growth possible?

We want you to enjoy the hard work that it would take to spruce up your yard and the investment into the plants – the first time! Having our experience and the knowledge will prevent headaches later on. Are you thinking of planting a tree by the house? We’ll make sure you allow enough space for roots to grow or the canopy to not grow into the gutters.

We Help Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Our professional landscapers will help you design your own personal oasis. Maybe you have looked at home magazines or watched HGTV to get ideas for how to design your backyard. You probably have so many ideas to implement, but how do you do logistically accomplish this task the right way? You hire a professional landscaping team. Our landscapers have many years of experience building and designing backyards and front yards. We have created beautiful backyard retreats for our customers.

Our professional landscapers can conceptualize your landscaping while helping you maintain your budget. Tackling a huge backyard makeover by yourself is not recommended. A lot of planning and designing goes into it, not to mention the tools to implement your ideas. Gabris Landscaping will take care of all of this for you.

When we meet in the beginning to discuss your project, we will also talk about your budget. We keep this in mind so we can create a beautiful outdoor space for you and not hurt your wallet. Also, we are well aware of how much materials cost nowadays. If you are budget-conscious, we can determine how to give you an outdoor paradise without going over your budget.

Our landscape design experts are well-versed with our local climate. The climate in our region is a very important factor when designing your landscaping. You don’t want to plant shrubs that will not survive throughout a harsh winter. You also want to consider which types of flowers, shrubs, etc to plant—- perennials, biennials, etc.

We Offer A Wide Range of Services

Our professional landscapers offer a wide range of services to help you. Broadening your options can be a very good thing. When hiring our company to complete your project, we have the expertise to bring about the whole package including yard grading, re-seeding and mulching to put icing on the cake. With our combination of services, we know you will absolutely love your brand new backyard oasis. It’s about more than offering specific services. It’s about designing an outdoor lifestyle for you and your family.

We have years of experience with landscape design, but we also know how to do the job right.

Benefits of Landscape Mulch Installation Springfield MO

Benefits of Landscape Mulch Installation Springfield MO

Mulching is one of the best things you can do for your landscaping. This is the act of placing a protective barrier of mulch around your plants and over your bare soil. This protective barrier can be made up of a variety of decomposing organic materials, including bark or wood chips, pine needles and straw, or non decomposing, non-organic materials such as recycled tires, pebbles, and river rock.

Here are the top benefits of installing mulch in your landscaping:

Controls Weeds

Through the use of landscape mulch installation we can limit the amount of weeds that spring up in the open spaces of your landscaping. The mulch acts as a barrier, limiting the amount of sunlight that can find its way to the weeds.

Retains Moisture

Organic mulches absorb water. Organic and non-organic varieties both cover the soil and limit evaporation. Retaining moisture, especially during hot, dry seasons can not only help out your plants, but it can also help out your water bill.

Prevents Soil Erosion

Mulching not only keeps existing water trapped in the soil, it also keeps rain water from washing away your soil. It does this by breaking the fall of the water and therefore lessening the force when the water impacts the ground.

Maintains Soil Nutrients

Not only does mulch keep soil nutrients from being washed away with the rain, but it also can release nutrients into the soil if you are using an organic material. This happens as the organic material slowly decomposes on top of the soil.

Controls Pests

Using certain types of mulch, such as cedar bark, can deter certain pests due to the fact that the cedar bark has natural oils that act as insect repellant. To reap the full benefits, we recommend using a mulch that is very fragrant, as it will have the greatest affect on insects. But be warned, that some mulches can actually encourage insects to flock to your landscaping and sometimes your house, so we will make sure to recommend which type of mulch will best suit your needs based on appearance and pest control properties.

Polishes up your Landscaping

Mulch can give your landscaping a finished look by filling in the empty spaces while being one of the easiest fillers to maintain. Grass, groundcovers and other fillers may take extensive care, such as mowing and watering, as well as competing for resources with your landscaping plants. Mulch is easy to care for and never competes with your other plants.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of landscape mulch installation, please give the experts at Gabris Landscaping a call so we can schedule a time to visit your yard and recommend what would be best for your landscaping.

Customized Lawn Care - Lawn Mowing Service Springfield MO

Customized Lawn Care – Lawn Mowing Service Springfield MO

When it comes to taking care of your yard, we don’t take a “one size fits all” type of approach. Every yard is different depending on the type of grass, the amount of sun, the type of soil, how it drains, etc. Our professional lawn care services include customized fertilization and mowing programs. We know that everyone wants a green lawn, so we make sure to utilize the proper balance of seed, feed, weed control, proper mowing techniques and the right season for each application.

Our Full Service Custom Lawn Care Checklist

Gabris Landscaping provides customized, complete annual lawn care and maintenance programs because most lawns are different and have different needs. Although the components and processes are different for each lawn, this complete full service program includes custom fertilization, aeration, over-seeding, weed, fungus,and insect control, mowing, trimming and pruning.

As part of these services, our professional staff mows your entire yard, does the line trimming around all trees, posts, and fencing, uses a blade edger to create sharp lines along sidewalks, patios and driveways, and completes the job with a final blowing and cleanup.

Our blend of slow and quick release fertilizer to jump start your lawn for a quick and sustained green up, post-emergent weed control to kill any winter weeds, and a pre-emergent weed control to help prevent crabgrass and other grassy, small seeded broad leaf weeds will make sure your lawn is the envy of the neighborhood all year long.

We welcome the opportunity to provide our full maintenance Gabris Landscaping lawn care service. However, if you simply need a professional lawn mowing service, we are happy to help. This standard service includes mowing the yard, line trimming around all trees, posts, fencing, etc., edging sidewalks, patios and driveways, and of course, we always clean up.

Lawn striping is where we create a pattern in the grass during the mowing process. Visual results may vary based upon health of grass, length of grass, type of grass, available sunlight and seasonal conditions. As we mow, the weight of the roller bends the grass down in the direction we mow.

Our lawn mowing experts create the best design for the lawn size and shape. Our lawn striping system will not hurt your grass. It simply gently bends the grass blades in the direction we are mowing. It does not fold or break the blades of grass. It is important to rotate the mowing patterns and angles each time we mow.

Whether you only need lawn mowing and trimming, our lawn fertilization program, or our complete customized lawn maintenance services, we can create the right lawn care solution for your yard.

Improve Your Yard With Hardscape Design Springfield MO

Improve Your Yard With Hardscape Design Springfield MO

At Gabris Landscaping, most people think of all the beautiful ways we can improve their yard with plants, landscaping and their lawn. But did you know that we also specialize in hardscapes? Hardscaping is the use of hard materials such as stone, concrete or pavers to build structures into an environment or landscape. A successful hardscape brings value, aesthetics, and function to your home. Fixed objects in a landscape are not easy to move, so here are a few tips to consider before creating and installing your next summer hardscape project.

Spatial Considerations

Before designing your hardscape we always consider the entire area available. If we didn’t consider your entire site comprehensively, we could find future additions to your hardscape difficult to implement. Our hardscape design professionals always have the best understanding of what we have to work with.


The best hardscape design provides proper runoff and serves as a drainage tool for your landscape. Ignoring drainage requirements would cause you future headaches and could potentially ruin your hardscape.

Balanced Elements

Plopping a boulder just anywhere would make your hardscape look awkward. We make sure our use of the elements is appropriate and looks natural. Our ornamental landscaping incorporate curves and shapes to make natural transitions between your hardscape and the surrounding landscape.

Go Green

A well designed hardscape lives in tandem with the natural greenery of your landscape, rather than replacing it outright. So we frame your hardscape with shrubbery, flower beds and turf.

Choose Proper Materials

A hardscape can be traditional or modern, formal or relaxed. The best hardscapes have a distinctive style and the materials we select complement their surroundings. We like to make use of textures without overdoing it. Using too many textures makes your hardscape look busy and distracting. Our professional hardscape designers will help you determine the best materials for your style.

Create a Focal Point

Your hardscape isn’t just there to take up space. We use your hardscape to direct attention to a point of interest in your landscape. A visual element that makes you pause and take notice can bring out the best of your landscape.

Call Gabris Landscaping for Your Professional Hardscaping Needs

Hardscapes are so much prettier than just plain concrete. If you’re interested in a paver patio, a fire pit, decorative columns or a retaining wall, give the pros at Gabris Landscaping a call. Our hardscapes allow you to make your yard more versatile, attractive and functional. Use more of your yard with less maintenance and less mud.

Cold Weather Landscaping - Landscaper Springfield MO

Cold Weather Landscaping – Landscaper Springfield MO

With colder weather, when we think of our yards, we likely picture dead foliage, decaying leaves, and snow trodden grounds. Mixed in with the blustery winds and the cold gray skies we often see during the winter, it’s not a pretty thought.

How do you landscape during colder weather? “You don’t” most people think. Fortunately, that’s simply not true. With the right landscaper, any season can be the perfect season to turn your yard into a masterpiece.

Tips for Creating a Beautiful Cold Weather Landscape

Creating an attractive landscape may seem like an impossible feat during the coldest months of the year, but with the right design elements, your home’s exterior can still be a thing of beauty. Forget about leafless trees and bloomless plants. With the following tips from our landscape design experts, your yard can be the envy of the neighborhood once again.

Consider planting cold weather blooms. Stick with four-season perennials and winter shrubs. Red cornus and hollies add striking interest against the graying winter landscape. And, if you can’t seem to find the blooms you enjoy, evergreen is a classic winter staple.

Rely on your hardscape. The solution to enhancing your cold weather landscaping is not necessarily about what you plant in your garden. A well-placed trellis, bench, or arbor can add character to your home’s exterior. And it will be a year-round centerpiece once winter is long gone. An outdoor fireplace can enhance the aesthetic of your outdoor space, while providing warmth and light for an outdoor gathering space.

Embrace color. Color is essential to a well-done landscape. But, if you can’t find colorful winter plants, you can always brighten up your hardscapes. Colorful outdoor furniture or accent pieces can provide the pop of color needed to bring an evergreen landscape to life.

Lighten up. In the winter months, our evenings are plagued with darkness a bit earlier than we’d like, which permits very few outdoor activities—until now. Shed some light on your outdoor space by installing fixtures that accent your home’s best landscaping features and create light for outdoor gatherings.

Did we spark your interest in landscaping your home’s exterior for colder weather? Contact us today for more information from our landscaping design professionals. We’ll provide you with a free design consultation and quote for your project.

Most landscapers in the colder regions have plenty of reasons to get cold feet about winter. But not us. At Gabris Landscaping, we are committed to providing top-notch cold weather landscaping design services. Contact us today for your design consultation.

Healthy Soil For Healthy Yards - Lawn Service Springfield MO

Healthy Soil For Healthy Yards – Lawn Service Springfield MO

The relationship between soil and plant is one of our top concerns as the quality of your soil directly determines the development and growth of every species of plant. Proper knowledge about soil is imperative for the ideal management of your yard and landscaping.

Plants are sensitive to soil conditions. Their growth and development directly depends upon the texture and quality of your soil. Hence, to get desired results for your yard, we need to know the quality of the soil in your yard before anything else. This will help us select specific types of plants best suited for the soil of your yard.

What Is Soil Exactly?

The top part of the ground directly beneath the surface is what we refer to as soil. It consists of three main mineral particles: sand, silt and clay. Of all these, clay is generally found in greater proportion followed by silt and sand. The mixture of these three mineral particles determines the texture of your soil. If all of these three mineral particles are found in equal proportion then it is regarded as the best quality of soil. This type of soil is called loam.

Soil also consists of other various things like water, micro nutrients in the form of organic matter, air, minerals and microorganisms. Soil affects plant roots and serves as the nutrient storehouse which will help in the growth of plants.

The Benefits of Soil Testing

Soil testing is an essential part of your lawn service because the growth and development of your plants directly depends on the quality of your soil. It is the preliminary task of landscape design as it helps us determine which species of plants to choose for your yard. If landscaping is being planted for the first time, then soil testing is a must.

Soil testing also informs us about the minerals lacking in your yard, which we can add to enhance the quality of your soil. This will be done before we start the planting for your landscape:

  • Soil should be re-tested every three to five years.
  • We analyze the progress of your soil compared with last test.
  • We take our sample of the soil when the ground is not frozen, during spring or late fall.
  • We take soil samples with the use of soil probe.
  • We gather a composite sample of the soil for the entire yard by sampling from different areas.

Improving Soil Quality By Adding Organic Matter

Organic matter goes on your yard to decay and form humus. Humus is the most important part of the soil. It is effective in enhancing the quality of the tilth which makes it easier for plants to grow.

Humus can be incorporated in various ways in the soil. It can be added in the form of manure, sawdust, mushroom compost, peat moss and many more.

Humus produces spongy texture which is helpful in:

  • Enhancing your soil water holding capacity.
  • Regulating the soil temperature.
  • Releasing nitrogen in the ideal proportion.
  • Enhancing your soil’s capacity to hold and release nutrients.
  • Helping in the growth of microorganisms. They are essential in conditioning the soil.
  • Opening up necessary pore space for air passage and many more.

Proper soil management is the key to success for every yard. It can improve results in a relatively small time frame. Our dedication and awareness to soil management will help make your yard beautiful.

The Reasons For Backflow Preventer Testing - Irrigation System Backflow Testing Springfield MO

The Reasons For Backflow Preventer Testing – Irrigation System Backflow Testing Springfield MO

Backflow is a term used to describe a condition where water flows through a water line in the opposite direction from which it was intended to flow. Numerous conditions can cause this to occur: a broken water main near your house, firefighters using a fire hydrant in your area, or incorrectly connected pumps. These conditions can cause contaminated water to flow back into the water main in front of your house.

Is Backflow A Hazardous Situation?

Definitely. One of the more common hazards is the unprotected lawn irrigation system. If the water pressure in the water main in front of your house decreases, fertilizer and pesticides can be drawn back into the water main via the lawn irrigation system. If this happens, there is a high probability that this water will end up in your household plumbing. Anyone drinking water from your household plumbing could become very ill.

Can Backflow Be Prevented?

By installing an approved backflow prevention assembly, you can rest assured that you, your family, and your neighbors are protected from contamination from your sprinkler system.

Is A Backflow Prevention Assembly Required?

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) requires all lawn irrigation systems to have an approved backflow prevention assembly.

Does The Backflow Prevention Assembly Have To Be Tested?

DNR requires the backflow prevention assembly to be tested annually to make sure the device is working properly.

Who Performs The Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing?

The testing must be done by individuals approved by DNR for backflow prevention assembly testing. Our certified backflow inspectors at Gabris Landscaping can test and report these results for you as a part of our basic irrigation maintenance services.

In the event that your backflow device fails inspection, we can repair or replace it as well. It is quite common for a seal or spring on a backflow prevention assembly device to bust or break. We try to keep repair kits in stock for the most common devices. Depending on model and age, a backflow prevention device is occasionally less expensive to replace than repair.

Keeping your backflow valve box free of debris can speed up repairs and keep repair costs to a minimum. Maintaining a decent size limestone gravel layer inside the box underneath the backflow can absorb moisture which prevents the individual parts in a backflow assembly from rusting together. When you can not take apart the backflow because it is rusted-stuck together, the device is considered un-repairable.

Irrigation system backflow testing is included as a part of our basic irrigation maintenance program at Gabris Landscaping. We also provide lawn sprinkler backflow testing services for clients who do not wish to be included in our annual sprinkler maintenance program.

Plan Your Pre Emergent Treatment and Fertilizer Early - Lawn Applications Springfield MO

Plan Your Pre Emergent Treatment and Fertilizer Early – Lawn Applications Springfield MO

The health and longevity of your lawn is highly dependent on planning ahead. The use of pre-emergent lawn treatments, including fertilizers and herbicides, is crucial in maintaining a gorgeous green lawn throughout spring and summer.

Timing, above all else is the most important factor in using pre-emergent treatments. Waiting too late to treat your lawn properly will still result in crab grasses and other weeds infiltrating their way into your grass despite the amount treatment you apply to abate this.

Following a few simple tips about using the right treatment at the right time will ensure that your lawn is properly nourished all summer long.

Lawn and garden enthusiasts often labor over treating their lawns correctly and still bemoan the fact that crab grasses seem to prevail in the war against weeds. Although it seems logical to begin treating your lawn with pre-emergent fertilizers and herbicides at the start of spring, this is actually too late in the weed-germination process to make a difference.

Spring coincides with the ability to work outside with greater warmth and longer days without having to endure a harsh winter chill. It’s when we start thinking about our lawn, but you need to begin treating your lawn in the final weeks of winter before the ground has warmed up in anticipation of spring.

This will likely have you planning effective lawn treatments as early as the final week in February before crab grass and other weeds are allowed to germinate. Try not to wait longer than the first week of April to start using pre-emergent treatments.

Laying down your pre-emergent weed fighting techniques early on before the soil temperatures exceed 50-55 degrees will ensure that new weeds are prevented promptly and efficiently. Herbicides work with the ground soil by constructing a vapor obstruction below ground, effectively cutting off the energy catalyst with unwanted weed seeds.

The importance in using an effective pre-emergent treatment is that it will halt these unwanted seeds from continuing to grow and take over your lawn. After you apply your lawn treatments, make sure to leave the area alone for at least a week. This means no mowing, pickup football games, or any other activities that may disturb or aerate the soil.

Moreover, ensure that you are familiar with the herbicide or fertilizer used on your lawn. Some treatments include chemicals and other ingredients that should be avoided immediately after application. Discuss the product labels with the experts at Gabris Landscaping so that you are familiar with how to maximize its potential.

Homeowners and lawn-care aficionados often struggle with weed control because of a simple lack of knowledge on pre-emergent treatments. The latest scientific evidence shows that scheduling your lawn applications early and effectively with the right treatment will produce the weed-free, perfectly green lawn you have always desired.

Common Lawn Drainage Problems - Yard Drainage Systems Springfield MO

Common Lawn Drainage Problems – Yard Drainage Systems Springfield MO

Common Lawn Drainage Problems

Do you get a small lake in your backyard after a healthy rainfall? Poor lawn drainage is a problem that needs to be addressed and can be fixed.

Problems Resulting From Poor Lawn Drainage

The most common landscaping problem associated with poor lawn drainage is that most plants are not adapted to water clogged soils.

Turf grass can suffer from root rot, if sitting in water too long. Moss, on the other hand, never gets too much water. So poor lawn drainage tends to tip the balance in favor of moss over grass.

Most trees and shrubs are also not adapted to growing in water saturated soils. They also suffer from root rot and lack of oxygen. Some trees, such as bald cypresses and red maples, are better adapted to such conditions.

Another big annoyance that comes with bad lawn drainage is that you can’t enjoy your yard, let alone walk on it, until the water has completely dried out, which can take days. Walking on a wet lawn can cause soil compaction, which is also bad for your plants.

Sitting water close to your house’s foundations can be a big problem, since it may slowly sip into walls, possibly cause cracks, mold, and other problems.

Mosquitos may also be an issue. If the water stays on your lawn for two days or more, that is long enough for mosquito eggs to hatch.

Finding the Source of Your Lawn Drainage Problems

The first step to fixing your problem is to understand why it’s happening. Start by observing how water gets into your yard, and how it flows or sits. Then, you need to think about what you want to do with your landscaping and consider your possible options.

Keep in mind that no drainage is ever instantaneous. Rain water is never completely absorbed immediately by the soil. On lawns especially, roots can create a thick barrier that can greatly reduce soil permeability. Soil compaction may also be an issue.

Water always follows gravity and therefore ends up in the lowest point. When water falls on the ground, if it can’t penetrate the soil, it runs down to wherever gravity may pull it. And then it may get trapped if the place to which it runs happens to drain poorly.

So the two most important issues pertaining to lawn drainage are soil permeability and yard topography. Consider where the water is coming from and how it travels on your yard.

If a fair percentage of the water actually trickles down from elsewhere (your roof, your driveway, for instance) and ends up on your yard, then you need to find a way to divert the excess water, possibly using drains.

If the rain falls directly on your yard and it just sits there, then there are a few options.
You could work on the nature of your soil and the topography of your yard. You could also consider installing drains.

If the problem is not too major, you could simply get wet plants that enjoy the wet environment or create a rain garden.

French Drains and Yard Drains

French drains swallow up the water accumulating around the foundations of your house, while yard drains can drain water from anywhere on your yard.

In a setup where you have a French drain and yard drains, the yard drains may be connected to the French drain and the whole thing connected to the sewer system.

If you only have yard drains, then they may be connected to a dry well. Another possibility is to let the water escape to a stream.

In both cases, a good layer of gravel on top of the drains will help the water reach the tubes. And you need to ensure that the tubes are sloped so as to let the water flow towards the escape route, and not the other way around.

Installing drains is a big job that require finding someone like the drainage experts at Gabris Landscaping who know what they’re doing. Many drainage jobs involve digging out landscaping plants while the work is being done.

We will ensure that we leave enough roots for your plants to protect both the plants and their roots from the sun and from overheating or freezing, and that the roots won’t dry out. A good natural fertilizer helps your plants grow roots faster when we put them back in the ground.

There are many different types of yard drainage systems. Each method has its strengths and weaknesses. By combining the use of dry creeks, dry wells, French drains, standard drains, burms, and calculated plant placement, we are able to create some effective solutions to manage water flow and drainage issues. Our yard drainage systems solutions maintain the aesthetic appeal of your landscape while improving the functionality of the land.

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