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Plan Your Pre Emergent Treatment and Fertilizer Early - Lawn Applications Springfield MO

Plan Your Pre Emergent Treatment and Fertilizer Early – Lawn Applications Springfield MO

The health and longevity of your lawn is highly dependent on planning ahead. The use of pre-emergent lawn treatments, including fertilizers and herbicides, is crucial in maintaining a gorgeous green lawn throughout spring and summer.

Timing, above all else is the most important factor in using pre-emergent treatments. Waiting too late to treat your lawn properly will still result in crab grasses and other weeds infiltrating their way into your grass despite the amount treatment you apply to abate this.

Following a few simple tips about using the right treatment at the right time will ensure that your lawn is properly nourished all summer long.

Lawn and garden enthusiasts often labor over treating their lawns correctly and still bemoan the fact that crab grasses seem to prevail in the war against weeds. Although it seems logical to begin treating your lawn with pre-emergent fertilizers and herbicides at the start of spring, this is actually too late in the weed-germination process to make a difference.

Spring coincides with the ability to work outside with greater warmth and longer days without having to endure a harsh winter chill. It’s when we start thinking about our lawn, but you need to begin treating your lawn in the final weeks of winter before the ground has warmed up in anticipation of spring.

This will likely have you planning effective lawn treatments as early as the final week in February before crab grass and other weeds are allowed to germinate. Try not to wait longer than the first week of April to start using pre-emergent treatments.

Laying down your pre-emergent weed fighting techniques early on before the soil temperatures exceed 50-55 degrees will ensure that new weeds are prevented promptly and efficiently. Herbicides work with the ground soil by constructing a vapor obstruction below ground, effectively cutting off the energy catalyst with unwanted weed seeds.

The importance in using an effective pre-emergent treatment is that it will halt these unwanted seeds from continuing to grow and take over your lawn. After you apply your lawn treatments, make sure to leave the area alone for at least a week. This means no mowing, pickup football games, or any other activities that may disturb or aerate the soil.

Moreover, ensure that you are familiar with the herbicide or fertilizer used on your lawn. Some treatments include chemicals and other ingredients that should be avoided immediately after application. Discuss the product labels with the experts at Gabris Landscaping so that you are familiar with how to maximize its potential.

Homeowners and lawn-care aficionados often struggle with weed control because of a simple lack of knowledge on pre-emergent treatments. The latest scientific evidence shows that scheduling your lawn applications early and effectively with the right treatment will produce the weed-free, perfectly green lawn you have always desired.

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