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Proper Planting Techniques Handout - Landscape Replacement Springfield MO

Proper Planting Techniques Handout – Landscape Replacement Springfield MO

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Proper Planting Techniques

  1. Choose a healthy, disease-free and pest-free plant with good structure relative to its species and if help would be beneficial we offer many landscape replacement services.
  2. Look up for wires/lights and around/down for wires, irrigation, gas, water, and telecommunications lines. .(AVOID FIBEROPTIC LINES AT ALL COSTS – EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE REPAIR COSTS)
  3. Find the top-most root and treat root defects for trees and large shrubs; (i.e. cut out stem girdling roots.) For smaller shrubs and plants pull roots out gently on root-ball to encourage horizontal growth. (Thicker root wads may need to be sliced with a sharp pocket knife or utility blade first.)
  4. Dig the depth of hole exactly the height of the root-ball (as measured from the bottom to the top-most root) and twice the width of root-ball width.
  5. Remove synthetic materials (burlap, wire basket, etc)
  6. Place plant in hole and position top root 1-2 inches above landscape soil
  7. Make sure plant or tree is straight by standing a distance away and examining it from multiple angles.  Face the fuller, healthier sides of plants and trees towards the area from which it will be most often seen.
  8. Add back soil and pack firmly around the root ball
  9. Soak planting area until full of water to push air out of any pockets
  10. Add mulch 2-3 inches thick on top of moist soil around root ball and step down gently to push soil down into any large air pockets.  Then spread mulch out around tree using proper mulching techniques.
  11. Stake and prune (only if needed)

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