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What is a hardscape?

When we think of hardscapes, there are 4 main features that come to mind: Paver Patios, Retaining Walls, Free Standing Walls, and Fire Pits.  The one main common thread linking all of these services is that they include formed and poured concrete or natural rock as their main building material.  There are some hardscape services which we do not offer, such as masonry or flat concrete work.  However, we do offer design and consultation services for any landscape style hardscape structures.  Most outdoor entertainment areas are considered hardscapes.

Our full line of hardscape design services offered to the Springfield, Nixa and Ozark areas are divided into two main categories:

Patio Pavers Installation
Retaining Wall Installation

Some Hardscape Options and Considerations

Since most outdoor entertainment areas are made up of various hardscape structures, it should make sense that constructing counter cabinets and islands for an outdoor kitchen are all hardscape options.  Sinks, barbeque grills (gas, propane, or charcoal), prep tables, and buffet tables can all be included when designing a hardscaped area.  Other options might be a fire pit (log, propane, or natural gas), a fire place, or a chimenia.  Maybe you want to include some areas for shrubbery in your hardscape design.  Most people enjoy having electrical outlets in their outdoor entertainment area for plugging in appliances (blenders, crock pots, hot plates, etc).  Other’s just want some landscape lighting included in their hardscape.  While the services we offer are slightly limited to landscaping, we can coordinate with other contractors to provide you with almost an unlimited amount of options for your hardscape areas.

The most important part of installing hardscapes is the planning and designing phase.  Once a structure is complete, late additions can be quite costly.  So if you want to have plants, we can be sure to run irrigation lines under your structure to water those plants.  If you want electric outlets we would need to install electrical conduit prior to constructing any paver patios or retaining walls.  The same goes for natural gas lines, or storage for propane tanks, or basic water lines.  While every addition will add a little bit more to the price of the project, it is always less expensive to install it how you want it the first time.  Waiting to add special features after a structure is already erected can be quite costly and usually requires significant re-construction to be done properly.

We strongly advise that our local readers contact one of our professionals for consultation if you are planning to build an outdoor entertainment area.  Someone smart once said that failure to plan is planning to fail.  Don’t plan to fail!  Our experts are just an email or phone call away.  Set up an estimate so your project can be yet another one of our success stories.

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