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Landscape Design

Designing a landscape can be a very complicated ordeal. The varying sizes, sunlight and spacing requirements, color, and maintenance needs can all present difficulties when locating the various features of a landscape. A well-designed landscape installation by an expert landscaper can save you money on heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. A poorly designed landscape can leave you with bumble bees or hordes of insects waiting for you each time you step outside.  Avoid all of that trouble by letting our seasoned experts put together your next landscape design.

Irrigation Installation

Installing a properly functioning irrigation system requires a lot more education than many would realize. Calculating the volume, velocity, and pressure to make an irrigation system work properly calls for a lot of math. Applying the correct precipitation rate to your lawn and shrubs is yet another challenge when installing a lawn irrigation system.  We know that builders have no time to waste waiting for a landscaping crew to troubleshoot their flawed irrigation installations. Our classroom educated, field tested, irrigation technicians can install your irrigation system right the first time.

Water Features

If you really want your landscape to make a statement, include a custom water feature. Since we build them custom from scratch, the possibilities are endless. From soothing creeks and coy ponds to magnificent waterfalls, let us really step up your landscape with a custom water feature.

Landscape Lighting

Nothing says “Welcome” like a lit up house and landscape when the sun sets. We can accent the shrubs in your landscape, glorify the architecture of your home, and light the pathway to your front door with LED landscape lights.  Of course, everyone knows that a well-lit home will keep the burglars away too!

Plants, Borders, Mulches, Sod, & More

We install everything your landscape will need, from trees and shrubs to retaining walls and paver patios. If it is in a landscape design, we can install it.  Let us plant your trees and shrubs, lay your weed-preventative fabric, spread your mulch, and top it all off with a classy border. Then we can roll out the sod so you have a nice new yard to play in while you enjoy your new landscape.


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