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Landscape Installation Springfield MO

Landscape Installation

Landscape installation always begin with discussion and planning. Before you do anything there are a lot of questions you may need to answer. Below are a few of them:
-What is your vision for the area?
-Will the landscape include hardscape areas with paver patios and ornamental seating walls?
-Do you want more lawn and less shrub beds? Or vice versa?
-Do you want extensive landscape shrubbery?
-Will the landscape include irrigation or landscape lighting?
-If you plan to build hardscape areas, will it need electrical outlets or gas plumbing for an outdoor range or stove?
-Would you like an outdoor fire pit?
-What are your favorite and least favorite landscape plants?
-Do you have any plant or insect allergies that need to be avoided?
-Do any tall hedges or rows of evergreens need to be installed for privacy or to block an intense north winter wind?
-What kind of budget do you have?

The Order of Installation After Landscape Planning and Design

Once a solid plan has been developed and a quality landscape design has been drafted, it is time to break ground your landscape installation. The first thing to do is rough grade the existing soil and construct any structural retaining walls vital to the landscape. A small amount of top soil may be brought in to achieve a reasonable rough grade of the landscape. This grading is critical to the drainage around the house. If done improperly it can lead to significant structural water damage. It is also important not to forget to run conduit sleeves for any irrigation or electrical lines which need to reach enclosed landscape beds or otherwise inaccessible areas.

After rough grading, landscape installation usually continues with the installation of an irrigation system, any hardscape structures, and/or any water features. Then we would bring in more top soil for the final grading of the yard. Once final grading is completed we can install any remaining landscape bed borders and trees in the yard. Finally it’s time to install landscape lighting, landscape plants, weed barrier fabric, and mulch or gravel.

Why not let our professionals install your landscape for you?

Landscaping sounds easy enough if you don’t take the time to think it through. It seems most people under estimate how much work it is installing a landscape. We have repaired many failed landscape installations and finished many half completed landscape projects that we understand the importance of planning and preparation. Most of our customers find that if they had just called us from the beginning, they could have saved a lot of headaches, a lot of time, and even a little bit of money.

We install everything your landscape will need, from trees and shrubs to retaining walls and paver patios. We will help you get all the questions you need answered and help you create the landscape of your dreams. When it comes to residential landscaping, no one in the Springfield, Missouri area does it better than us.

Let us plant your trees and shrubs, lay your weed-preventative fabric, spread your mulch, and top it all off with a classy border. Then we can roll out the sod so you have a nice new yard to play in while you enjoy your new landscape. Life is just easier when things get done correctly the first time around, so give us a call when you need landscape installed in your yard.

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