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Tree & Shrub Maintenance

Whether you just moved in, have lived in your house for years, or are about to sell, we can facilitate the management of your landscape maintenance needs. One of our top landscaping services is designing plant health care programs. We can help you identify the shrubs and trees on your property so that they can be correctly trimmed at the appropriate time of year. Shrubs and trees can become susceptible to many pests and pathogens when incorrectly maintained. We can treat some pests and pathogens with chemical applications. Other issues may leave plants unsalvageable. Let us work with you to make the best decisions for your unique situation.


Mulch can refer to wood chips, bark, gravel, or many other types of materials. It can also come in varieties of colors, shapes, and sizes. Each material has its own benefits and drawbacks. We can help you select the best material to use in your landscape beds. Maintaining the “new” look of your landscape can require a little bit of work.  Wood chip mulches should be turned once in the Spring and once in the Fall, and occasionally will require the addition of more product. We would love to consult you on the best option for your situation or just help you maintain your current curb appeal.


It is recommended that landscapes be updated every 7-10 years. Some shrubs and trees catch diseases or develop insect problems. These situations can create a need to remove some plants or trees and replace them with new plants or trees. With the seemingly endless variety of options for replacement it can be difficult to know what the best decision would be. Our knowledgeable staff can narrow down the replacement options and guide you through the landscape renovation process. Nothing pleases us more than removing an old and weathered landscape and replacing it with a new up-beat and exciting look.


Everyone has some weeds in their landscape beds. Keeping them under control can take a lot of effort.  Our staff can make the weeding process effortless for you with regularly scheduled visits and the option of chemical controls.

Water Features

Cleaning out that old water feature in the landscape can be quite a project.  Let us handle the draining and cleaning so you can spend your weekends enjoying time with the family.


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