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Landscape Replacement

There are a number of landscape features that you may find which need to be replaced regularly. The more extensive your landscape, the more landscape you will find yourself replacing. Everything from plants & grass, to drains & dirt, or retaining walls & paver patios will need to be replaced in your landscape at some point. Proper installation during landscape replacement can ensure that your landscape lasts as long as possible this time around. It is often said that a landscape needs to be updated and or replaced every 7-10 years. We think most landscapes last longer than that. It just takes proper landscape planning and installation to avoid the need for early replacement.

Unfortunately, all plants do eventually die. Some catch diseases or develop insect problems while others outgrow their space or fail to grow at all. So, can you replace it with the same plant? More often then not, the answer is “no.” Most plant varieties have been cultivated and improved, so older varieties of plants are harder to find. Procuring larger plants sizes when needed has also been difficult in our area. We can help you create a replacement plan incorporating new plants with your old plants or we can provide landscape designs to replace all of your plantings.

Just as well, retaining walls collapse and paver patios can settle and sag. Such situations can create a need to remove and replace things in your landscape. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what the best decision would be when it comes to removing and/or replacing shrubs, trees, drains, patio pavers, and retaining walls. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through the landscape renovation. We are familiar with the landscape supplies available in the Springfield area and can provide quality recommendations on when a product can be matched and when there will be problems.

Irrigation systems have parts that are constantly breaking and needing replaced. We offer lawn sprinkler maintenance services and irrigation trouble shooting and repair services when the sprinklers need to be repaired. Relative to hardscapes and other natural materials, replacing sprinkler systems and parts is a piece of cake. Natural materials are the toughest to match during landscape replacements or landscape updates. Landscape materials such as gravel and stone, as well as mulch can vary in color depending on the mineral composition of the stones or the nutrients in the soil of the tree providing each product, respectively.

Doing a landscape renovation correctly can be a tough task on your own, but with our help, it can be an enjoyable experience. Give us a call if you are ready to do some landscape replacements.

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