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Watering Your New Plants Handout - Water Sprinkler Troubleshooting Springfield MO

Watering Your New Plants Handout – Water Sprinkler Troubleshooting Springfield MO

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New Plant/Turf/Tree Watering Practices
The #1 cause of death for new plantings in urban areas is over watering, which is why we offer water sprinkler troubleshooting services and these guidelines. These guidelines are intended to maximize the successful establishment of new plants in the urban landscape. There are many exceptions to the following guidelines and plant specific research is encouraged for customers interested in the proper maintenance of their turf, plants, shrubs, and trees.
A smaller volume of water provided more frequently is preferred to larger volumes of water in smaller frequencies for the majority of your smaller plants and shrubs. Trees and larger shrubs prefer a slightly larger volume of water a little less frequently. The key is to keep the soil around the root system moist.
The use of tree bags are recommended for newly planted trees. They should be filled up every day for the first two weeks and about once a week for the following 6-10 weeks depending on weather conditions. After that trees should be watered once or twice a month for the first 1-2 years, even during their dormancy period, if weather permits.
All that said, the following schedule seems to be pretty effective during the Spring and Fall. I would increase the volumes and add in a few extra frequencies to compensate for additional water loss from the heat. Excessive rainfall should be compensated for as well.  If you are ever in doubt about proper watering practices, contact local experts which can be found at nurseries, the Conservation Department, and landscape service businesses.  If you are in the Midwest region and just need advice, just give us a call at (417) 837-1578


Jeffrey R. Gabris, M.B.A.

ISA Certified Arborist – MW-5363A


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