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Lawn Sprinkler Repair and Troubleshooting

Even with proper maintenance, an irrigation system can develop issues over time.  Our professionals understand the workings of an irrigation system and know the steps to locate and repair the various potential problems which can arise.  Whether your problem is programming the control box, a leaking irrigation line, or a broken sprinkler head, we can diagnose and fix your issue.

Five Irrigation Repair Tools and Why They are Needed

1) Multi-meter (to measure both volts and amps)

A multi-meter can determine where the power signal is lost.  With the use of an amperage measuring function on that multimeter, we can even detect when the lines buried in the yard are corroded.

2) Wire Tracer (for tracking down lost valves and electric line breaks)

To detect corroded lines, we need to know where the valves are located.  A wire tracer can usually lead us right to our valve boxes, even after the grass has hidden them for many years.

3) A screwdriver (Phillips and flathead of various sizes can come in handy)

Almost everything utilizing an electrical component within an irrigation system will require a screwdriver to disassemble and repair.

4) Shovels (Spades, Squares, Sharp-shooters, Hand shovels, and if you live in Southwest Missouri, matlock pick-axes)

Most of the time shovels come in handy to dig up lines and inaccessible valve boxes. About 90% of the irrigation system is buried, after all.

5) PVC Saw/Cutters (any serrated saw, hack saw, reciprocating saw, or PVC cutters)

PVC saws can be useful for repairing lines, but they also come in handy for creating the necessary cut outs when installing or replacing valve boxes.  For poly lines, a hand-held cutting device, similar to a beefed-up pair of scissors is usually fastest.

When you begin water sprinkler troubleshooting and diagnosing the problems with an irrigation system, we always begin by attempting to turn it on.  When a system turns on, water sprinkler troubleshooting and diagnosis is simple.  When the system doesn’t turn on though, things can get quite a bit more complicated.  We use the five irrigation tools listed above to conquer irrigation troubles quickly.

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