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Winter Care Services

Our business may significantly slow down in the off season each year, but we still care about our customers in the Winter and transition to a Snow Plow Company and offer a few Winter Care Services.  We offer both commercial lot and residential driveway Snow Removal (including ice melt if desired), as well as Holiday decoration and Christmas Lighting Installation.

Snow removal and ice melt are fairly self explanatory: we shovel the driveway and a path to the front door and then spread the appropriate amount of ice melt on the area to keep your house and garage safely accessible.  For commercial customers, we plow the lot and hand shovel sidewalks, covering those with ice melt afterwards so that their customers and employees can safely get in and out as needed to keep the business running.  Residential customers with larger than average driveways are pushed with the plow blade on one of our plow trucks, rather than hand shoveled.

Holiday lighting, on the other hand, can get quite extensive.  We can go all out for your Christmas lights, or just hang a few strands across the front gutters.  Read up on our Christmas Light Installation page to learn more.

Many of these services can be quite dangerous, particularly for some of our more elderly clients.  When it comes time to keep the ladders and shovels in the garage for the Winter, but you don’t want to skip out on the cheer of holiday lighting or all of the traveling that comes along with the season, we are ready to do the work for you.  Give us a call for your bid on professional Christmas decoration and lighting design and set up, and don’t forget to have your house and business added to our list for residential or commercial snow control services.

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