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Lawn Sprinkler System Service & Maintenance

Lawn Sprinklers can be amazing tools when they are properly installed and functioning with a good lawn sprinkler system service. Their purpose is to provide supplemental water for landscape turf and ornamentals.  It’s basically a water line tapped into your main water line.  An electronically controlled valve holds keeps this water line at bay until it receives a signal from some sort of controlling device.  Today, technology is so far advanced that some lawn irrigation controllers can be programmed and accessed from your smart phone. <> Rachio is one of the most popular and advanced controlling system on the market today.  However, don’t be surprised on an old system if your controller is an old Rain Bird or Hunter model.

Three Irrigation Services Critical to Maintaining an Irrigation System in Southwest Missouri

We provide several types of irrigation services, but basic maintenance services are the most common because they need to be performed annually by all of our customers.  Our basic irrigation maintenance program covers the three irrigation services critical to maintaining a lawn sprinkler system here in Springfield, Nixa, or Ozark.  When you call and receive an estimate from us for the standard maintenance of your sprinklers, it will include costs for back flow testing, system inspection and winterization.

Backflow testing, system inspections, and winterization are the three irrigation services critical to maintaining a properly functioning landscape sprinkler system.  The goal of these services is to protect our water, as well as our wallets.  By keeping contaminants out of our water and continually checking on the functionality of an irrigation system, we are helping conserve water for future generations.  We have an entire page on backflow testing and winterization, if you’d like to know more about those services.  An irrigation system inspection varies depending on who is performing the inspection.

The Two Most Common Problems To Look For When Inspecting An Irrigation System

The two most common irrigation problems are simple: Does it turn on? And does it have any visible leaks?

There are three other common problems that may be caught during irrigation system inspections which often go over-looked.  One of these problems would be incomplete coverage.  Many times punctured lines can cause a loss in pressure, which means that heads will not spray water as far as they should.  Sometimes a system was just never installed correctly and doesn’t provide full coverage of the area to be watered. Either way, when your sprinklers don’t fully cover the intended area, there is a problem.

Another problem would be when a system has uneven coverage.  Everything may be getting watered, but some areas are getting more water than others.  This is most often caused by a lack of head to head spacing.  As a rule of thumb, each head should generally spray all the way to each of the heads closest to itself in a square or triangular pattern (depending on how the spacing was intended).

The final problem we try to catch during our system inspection service is that of variable precipitation rates within a zone.  In each zone of an irrigation system, all heads should spray water at matching precipitation rates. Different types of heads should not be running at the same time, unless they are paired with special nozzles:

While we can’t guarantee to catch all the common problems on every single lawn sprinkler inspection, we will certainly make sure the system turns on and has no visible leaks.  We do promise to do our best to catch any issues during our system inspections, and provide our customers with repair/change estimates shortly after our inspection visit.

Aside from system inspection findings, irrigation system service and maintenance is usually fairly simple and straight forward.  Don’t let any serious lawn sprinkler system issues or problems start to develop, give us a call at (417) 837-1578 for professional irrigation system maintenance services.

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