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Proper Techniques for Lawn Irrigation - Springfield MO

Proper Techniques for Lawn Irrigation Springfield MO

Proper Techniques for Lawn Irrigation

Proper lawn irrigation can be the difference between perfect looking plants and wilted or dying plants. Overwatering is the number one cause of death for new plants. Different irrigation techniques use varying amounts of water and deliver water to different places on or around the plant. Always look up the water requirements for specific plants. For many small plants, frequent smaller volumes of water are ideal. In contrast, larger plants and trees prefer larger volumes of water less frequently. For 1-2 weeks after planting, it is best to water daily at half of normal watering time (and twice daily during the summer heat). Between 3-8 weeks after planting, three times a week at regular watering schedule works best for lawn irrigation systems.


The best time to water lawns and other plants is during the cooler parts of the morning, especially during a warm summer. Watering in the morning gives the water a chance to soak into the soil before the sun’s heat causes it to evaporate. Avoid letting water splash on plant leaves if at all possible, particularly if watering after 8 A.M.

Drip Lawn Irrigation Technique

Drip irrigation, also called trickle irrigation, delivers water directly to the soil. This method has advantages over watering methods that spray water over the entire plant. The best drip irrigation systems have plastic pipes beneath the soil that carry water directly to plant roots without visible sprinklers or hoses. Drip irrigation uses less water than other types of irrigation because the water soaks into the soil before much of it has a chance to evaporate and is especially beneficial for hilly landscapes because its low-flow pressure will not cause runoff and erosion.

Sprinkler Irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation is convenient because it can cover large areas without requiring you to do any work. Sprinkler systems range from multiple sprinklers with automatic timers to a single sprinkler attached to a hose in the garden. Watering when wind is minimal reduces evaporation loss.
Knowing the correct lawn irrigation technique is crucial to maintaining healthy and beautiful plants. Contact Gabris landscaping to determine the best technique.

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