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Christmas Lights Installation

Our lighting technicians can create custom holiday lighting layouts for your house, including blow-up characters and other yard ornaments.  Our holiday lighting company can do your Christmas lights installation and decorations at the beginning of the Holiday season.  Then after the New Year, we will come and take everything down.  We can even safely store your custom Christmas lighting display.  The greatest advantage of using us for your Holiday display is that we are quite flexible.

We can simply be the laborers to hang up the lights you’ve been using for years, or you can set up an estimate for an elaborate design and lighting consultation.  On the easy jobs, we really just serve as a helping hand to get a simple task decorating task accomplished.  When we dive more into Christmas lighting and holiday display design concepts, there isn’t a whole lot we can’t do.  If the holiday lighting and decoration set up can be imagined, usually we can make it work.

The greatest limiting factor to consider when designing holiday lighting is the amount of energy necessary to turn those lights on.  Before initial installation of any complex outdoor holiday decorations, a brief electrical inspection ought to be performed.  The key considerations should be the size of the breaker or breakers in your main electric box and the size of the wires connecting that breaker to the outlet.  The more amps a breaker can handle, the more power we can pull before that breaker overloads and shuts down.  Since we know that a complex holiday decorations design will require quite a bit of electricity, there is a good chance we may try to push a breaker as close to its limits as possible.  If you only check the amperage your breaker is rated for and not the size of your wires, your house may still be at risk of burning down from an electrical fire.  It is more important to have a large enough size wire connecting the breaker to the outlet, than to have a higher amperage breaker at the box.  An undersized wire can over heat when transferring too many amps across a circuit.  This is how most electrical fires happen.  Extensive Christmas lighting displays are something that should be left to the professionals for this reason.

Once we know what kind of power we have to work with, we can start adding up the power needs of each light strand or yard ornament.  If we need more power than is available on one circuit, than we would need to utilize a separate circuit.  Our expert landscapers can determine all of these tougher tasks for you, as we do it regularly when designing and installing landscape lightings.  Similar to landscape lighting, the use of LED bulbs versus incandescent or halogen bulbs in Christmas lights has significantly increased the number of lights we can illuminate on a single circuit without requiring any changes to the electrical system in your house.  Thanks to the increased popularity and availability of LED X-mas lights, we can now make your holiday display more elaborate than ever before.

Whether you want generic lighting products, custom built lighting set-ups, or just a few able bodies to get the job done, give us a call (417) 837-1578.

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