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Irrigation and Drainage Services

We take pride in our knowledge of lawn irrigation sprinkler systems and drainage solutions because it is one of the key factors that sets us apart from our competitors.  Proper water control is essential for growing anything.  Lawn irrigation and drainage have been critical tools in human development over the past several centuries.  Ancient farmers relied on many of the same techniques we utilize today to control the flow of water into and out of their farm lands.

While some areas may be blessed with consistent rainfall, others can experience extended periods of drought.  Then there are those areas like the Ozarks, where random multi-week droughts may be replaced with week-long torrential down pours at the drop of a hat.  In general, our weather here is fair enough to grow a diverse variety of plant-life as long as watering and drainage factors can be controlled.

Our full line of irrigation and drainage services offered to the Springfield, Nixa and Ozark areas are divided into these main categories:

Lawn Sprinkler System Service & Maintenance
Lawn Sprinkler Repair & Trouble Shooting
Lawn Sprinkler Design
Irrigation System Backflow Testing
Winterize Sprinkler System
Yard Drainage Systems

If plants don’t get water here in Springfield, Missouri, they will not live.  Of course, over-watering plants leads to oxygen deprivation and a quick demise as well.  For successful establishment of landscape turf and shrubs it takes an even distribution of precipitation, (total precipitation = rainfall + supplemental watering), combined with effective drainage.  A well-drained soil is a key factor listed for growing the majority of landscape shrubs and trees.

Here in the Ozarks, we handle everything from erosion on steep slopes to large flat areas retaining water.  Although many houses we service do not have the benefit of public sewer systems to help control drainage and run-off, there is usually at least some kind of ravine or retention pond area in which water overflow can be directed during those rainy weeks.

Too much water or not enough water, no worries!  We have a solution for you.  There is no lawn irrigation job too large or small for us to handle, and when it comes to drainage we use a plethora of techniques and systems to find you just the right solution.

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