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A well-designed landscape can save you money on heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. A poorly designed landscape can leave you with bumble bees or insect infestations. Proper plant placement and selection are just one of many things to consider when designing a landscape. Avoid all of that trouble by letting us handle your landscape design services. Our expertise in landscape design has helped us earn our reputation as one of the top landscaping companies in the Springfield MO area.

The Principles of Designing a Landscape

There are many basic principles we follow when designing a landscape. The first and most important concept is a focal point. Focal points can range from water features and fountains to unique shrubs and ornamental trees. Once a focal point is determined, anchor plants are the next important choice. The anchor plants in a landscape design tend to be taller evergreen plants. The anchor plants play a big role in keeping a landscape balanced.

Balance would be another principle of landscape design. Balance can often be confused with symmetry, but they are not the same. A landscape can be quite well balanced without any symmetry. Balance is more about height and size, texture, placement, and other plant characteristics. When we talk about a “balanced” landscape design, we are essentially trying to avoid overloading one area of the landscape with too much of the same look. By the same token, we also like to incorporate the principle of “clumping.” Clumping is essentially when a group of plants is designed to be all squished together. Clumps are often created in odd numbers as a rule of thumb. Similar to clumping would be the principle of hedging. In a landscape design, hedging is when you group specific types of plants in to rows which will eventually grow into a hedge. Boxwoods, yews, and holly are the most commonly hedged plants in our area.

The list of landscape design principles continues on and on: depth, texture, spacing, height variance, flow, color, seasonal interests (particularly Winter interest), etc.

Our full line of landscape design services offered to the Springfield, Nixa and Ozark areas are divided into six main categories:

Landscape Installation
Water Features
Landscape Lighting
Landscape Shrub & Tree Installation
Landscape Borders
Sod Installation

How long does landscape design take?

Like all crafts, the longer we work on a landscape design, the better it gets. There are so many considerations, including the customer’s wants and desires, that we could spend weeks or months designing and re-designing a landscape. For the sake of time, we try to limit our landscape design turnover to approximately 1-1.5 weeks long. This gives us enough time to take measurements of the area to be designed, sketch an outline, and plot a rough draft. We then set the design draft aside for a few days. When we come back to it with a fresh point-of-view for revisions, things usually come out quite thorough. At this point we would send a design back to our customers with an estimate for installation. When a customer is ready to proceed forward, we make any final changes and move forward with the installation and a contract, if necessary.

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