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Landscape Removal

Sometimes an old landscape is just hopeless. At times like these, we can help you to get everything removed. Maybe the entire landscape is not that bad, but you are ready for an update. Landscape removal can be complete demolitions of all plants and landscape features, or simply the removal of one plant or landscape bed. It is very common to remove landscape shrubbery and over-growth to speed up the sale of a property. When all of the bushes have been removed from your landscape beds, many people see an opportunity to make the house their own. If the old landscape is still half intact and over-grown, people see it as another project instead of an opportunity. We can provide consultation as to which plants are adding to the value of your property and which are taking away from it.

When that old retaining wall is starting to lean or the base material for the wall starts washing out the bottom, it may be time to consider removing the retaining wall. Our team has equipment small enough to haul loads of material in and out of residential back yards without creating extensive soil compaction and destroying the existing lawn. When we remove and dispose of retaining wall blocks, they are hauled to the Springfield Sanitary Landfill as clean fill material.

Any clean concrete chunks, rocks, or top soil is considered clean fill material. Old railroad ties, landscape timbers, and other plastic landscaping materials are taken to the landfill as solid waste material. Brush and organic materials are recycled at the Springfield Yardwaste Recycling Center. Some branches and brush pieces are taken and used as firewood to burn for heat and/or entertainment by our employees.

When removing landscapes, we often use simple shovels and pick axes. For the tougher removals we bring in a mini-skid steer or chainsaw and stump grinder. If something is in your landscape, we can most likely remove it and dispose of it. We remove ponds and water features, shrubs and small trees, stumps, borders, gravels, mulches, beds, retaining walls, drains, irrigation systems. We can even remove your top soil if that is what you need. Landscape removal is the easy part of landscaping, replacing your landscape is the hard part.

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