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Lawn Applications

Treatments for lawns, shrubs, or trees must be applied in a manner consistent with Federal, State, and local laws, as well as that product’s label. For that reason the government refers to our employees providing such services as applicators. Our Commercial Licensed Pesticide Applicators spend the majority of their time performing lawn applications to control weeds and insects in yards. Applicators require special training, licensing, and insurance to legally perform any pesticide applications. Improper use of chemicals in the landscape can be dangerous and could have large-scale effects many home owners are unaware of.

Did you know that the most important part of a lawn or shrub application program is the timing? Often times, homeowners can be successful by simply using fertilizers and weed control products found at the big box stores. The best treatment programs for lawns, shrubs, and trees are based on factual knowledge of plant and insect life cycles. Just like the plants in your landscape, the weeds in your lawn can actually be perennial or annual. It gets a little bit more complicated than that, but in general, the weeds we are all familiar with (dandelions, clover, etc) tend to be the perennial weeds. These weeds stay around all growing season long, to where as other weeds may only appear in the Spring or in the Fall.

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We occasionally get calls from someone interested in signing up for our application program who doesn’t want to do all of the treatments on our program. This is a red flag for us that the customer is in dire need of some lawn health care education. Our application program is already the basic, minimum amount of lawn treatments necessary to maintain a healthy vigorous lawn. When a treatment is skipped, that means either the lawn isn’t being fertilized regularly, a specific category of weeds is not being addressed, or damaging insect populations are being allowed to multiply at an unmanaged rate. Any of these issues will ultimately lead to a less than satisfactory result from a professional lawn maintenance and treatment program or service.

Our lawn applications consist of an early Spring pre-emergent for crabgrass and many broadleaf weeds, as well as slow release fertilization. Both of those are typically applied in February or March. Our program then calls for a Spring application to control the broadleaf weeds which usually takes place in April when the weeds begin emerging and the grass comes out of dormancy. During the most active insect periods, we like to maintain an acceptable threshold of damaging turf insects with a preventative insecticide to control grubs, army worms, and other pests. When the weather cools back down and the rains come back in September, we apply another round of slow release fertilizer and spray for the broad leaf weeds which emerge in the Fall.

Our Lawn Application Services include:

Grass Fertilization
Yard Pest and Insect Control
Yard Weed Control Service
Shrub and Tree Pest Control

One of the secrets to our program is the addition of micronutrients in our liquid formulations of weed control. This helps us to avoid any confusion or mistakes that could stem from diagnosing a micronutrient deficiency as insect damage.

The final key to success is to condition the soil with regular Fall aerating and over-seeding. Aeration and over-seeding is the second best thing we can do for a lawn. (The first being proper regular maintenance: using sharp blades, mowing at the correct height, and removing the correct amount each visit.) Our lawn application program for fertilization and weed control, as well as preventative treatments for bagworms or fungus issues are available to Springfield, Nixa, and Ozark, Missouri. Let us save you money by making educated decisions in the treatments you put on your lawn.

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