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At Gabris Landscaping we offer a full line of lawn care services. From grass mowing services and leaf removal services to weed control and fertilization services, we have you covered. Our crews care for each lawn as if it were their own. In fact, we offer our employees free lawn services in exchange for their hard work. Nothing makes an employee believe in our lawn care management system like getting to experience the results first hand. Many of our customers begin receiving compliments after handing over the care of their lawn maintenance needs to us. Rarely did those compliments make it back to the employees until we began providing the same services at their personal homes.

There are many other factors that play into the development of a sustainably healthy lawn. Our full line of lawn care services offered to the Springfield, Nixa and Ozark areas are divided into three main categories:

Leaf Removal
Lawn Applications
Lawn Maintenance

There are many facets involved in a successful lawn and landscape maintenance and service program. The first, and most important facet (which most frequently ends up being done incorrectly) is mowing the grass correctly. Mowing a lawn properly starts with some basic education. We emphasize the importance of these principals to our employees. Understanding why we do things the right way encourages our lawn mowing and landscaping crews to continue doing them the correct way. Consistency of proper maintenance practices is what leads to the healthiest lawns.

In Springfield, Missouri, as well as Nixa, Ozark, and most other locations in the transition climate zone, desire a turf grass made up of mainly fescue grass. A healthy lawn, by our standards is between a 90 and 95 percent tall fescue blend of three or more varieties mixed with approximately 5-10% Kentucky blue grass. We try to keep our yards mowed between 3.5 and 4 inches tall. This can be easily measured with a ruler immediately after lawn mowing services have been rendered. By the standards of many homeowners, this is a tall lawn. However, this is the height the industry experts and PhD’s at the local universities (University of Missouri – Columbia specifically) recommend for mowing your grass.

Lawn Care Services Springfield MO

Another simple rule in the lawn and landscape industry which is generically applied to all sorts of trimming, cutting, and pruning tasks is the 1/3rd rule. This rule recommends limiting the removal of a plant’s canopy or foliage to less than 1/3rd of the entire amount of the plant. When specifically referring to the maintenance of the grass in a lawn, the canopy or foliage is considered the leaf of the grass. If you examine a single fescue plant, you will notice a stem which then opens up into a flat leaf. Our goal is to keep the lawn mowed regularly enough so we can avoid having to remove any more than 1/3rd of the ‘leaf’ each visit.

If a lawn can’t be maintained regularly for some reason (rain, construction, etc), sometimes the stem of the grass can become taller than desired. In this event, a “clean-up” cut can be made one time at a much lower height than desired. We try to limit this practice to our first or second mowing in the early Spring. After which, we resume mowing services for our clients at the desired height for their type of lawn.

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