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Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance is something most people have at least some experience with. Many people have been mowing their own lawn for a long time. Mowing is the most important maintenance practice when caring for a lawn or turf grass stand. Improper mowing height seems to be the most common issue we come across with our clients. The variety of grass being cared for dictates the proper height at which it should be mowed. For trimming on all plants, the 1/3rd rule ought to be considered (never cut off more than 1/3rd of the plant when trimming). This holds true for the cool season fescue/blue grass lawns we desire here in the Midwest. However, mowing is just one aspect of lawn maintenance.

Healthy lawn maintenance practices also consist of regularly watering, fertilizing, controlling weeds and insects, aerating, over-seeding, and even dethatching once in a while when necessary. A successful lawn maintenance program is all inclusive, to cover all of these tasks. It must also be timed correctly and balanced just right to maintain healthy growth rates and avoid creating new problems, such as brown patch or melting out. We offer our customers in Springfield, Nixa, and Ozark the following lawn maintenance services because that is what it takes to maximize the success and health of a lawn:

Lawn Mowing Service
Lawn Aeration
Grass Over-seeding
Lawn Dethatching

The 4 Most Important Steps to a Successful Lawn Maintenance Program

1) Mow the lawn with sharp blades, regularly, at the appropriate height for type (3.5″-4″ for tall fescue/kentucky blue grass lawns).

2) Maintain soil structure integrity with regular Fall aerating and overseeding services.

3) Utilize proper fertilization timing and weed control applications (don’t over fertilize with nitrogen during fungus season — think about ‘The Oyster Rule”).

4) Practice consistent watering (either do it regularly @ ~1″ per week total precipitation or don’t water at all and let the lawn go dormant during the Summer — Always water during Spring and Fall drought periods in the Springfield area, dormancy is more of a Summer and Winter stage of the lawn).

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