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Lawn Sprinkler Design and Installation

Installing a properly functioning irrigation system requires a lot more education than many would realize.  Calculating the volume, velocity, and pressure to make an irrigation system work properly calls for a lot of math.  Applying the correct precipitation rate to your lawn and shrubs is yet another challenge when installing a lawn irrigation system.  Our irrigation technicians can install your irrigation system correctly, so you can avoid the headaches of long term issues down the road.

What To Expect When Installing An Irrigation System

We have minimal codes regulating irrigation system designs or efficiency in the Greater Springfield Metropolitan Area.  The lack of building codes allow contractors to cut corners.  The customer may even think they got a good deal when they see such low prices.  Cutting corners may save some money on the initial installation.  However, it inevitably leads to more expensive repairs down the road.

In the worst of cases, an improperly installed irrigation can shake the pipes loose in your home.  “Water hammer” is a common sign of irrigation or plumbing problems.  Basically when the demand for water exceeds the capability of the pipes supplying the water, it can cause those pipes to vibrate. Severe, repeat vibrations over many years can break loose pipes upstream of the problem.  In rare cases, specifically when the tap into the main line is close to the house, water hammer from a lawn sprinkler system has caused broken water lines inside of a house.

The proper lawn sprinkler design and installation are tasks that are best left to a professional.  When we install your irrigation system, we’ll be able to calculate the approximate gallons of water distributed throughout each zone in your landscape.  These calculations tell us how long to program your irrigation system to run each week.

How Much Water Does Your Yard Need?

The needs of your lawn turf and landscape plants are all going to be slightly different.  Researchers across the board agree that, in general, our grasses and plants need about one inch of water each week during the growing season for optimal health.  This goal of one inch is for plants with optimal growing conditions such as sunlight/shade, competition, pest and disease-free, etc.  Plants which are unprotected from the sun may need a little more water on hot days.  Those in the shade may not need as much water.  Each landscape is unique, so often the correct amount of watering depends on a number of factors.  Without a quality lawn sprinkler design, providing the correct amount of water everywhere in your landscape could be a problem.  Don’t worry though, we have you covered with our irrigation design and installation services.  Just give us a call (417) 837-1578.

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