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Snow Removal & Ice Melt

We offer snow plowing, snow removal and ice melt spreading services in Springfield, Missouri. Snow plowing and ice melt spreading keeps our clients safe from those dangerous and expensive slip-and-fall accidents common during winter weather conditions. Slip and falls are the number one type of workplace injury! Ready to stay safe this winter? Call us at (417) 837-1578 or Email us at for pricing and information.

We offer hourly rates for the snow plow, hand shoveling, and ice melt spreading; as well as a per-push/inch rate. We often answer phone calls all hours of the night when the snow and ice are coming down.  So if you didn’t plan ahead and need snow plowing assistance for your home or business, feel free to give us a call for snow control any time of day or night.

If you didn’t plan ahead, please be prepared to sign a liability waiver for potential damages to your property from obstacles hidden in the snow. We do not take responsibility for damage to property from snow plowing activities which we did not have an opportunity to scout prior to snow or ice accumulation. We are careful not to falsely advertise “snow removal” because we do not actually remove any snow from property. Snow accumulation is strategically pushed into a reasonable and functional location.

If you did plan ahead, and more than several inches of snow are on the way, you might catch our team installing marking pins or flags along the edges of the surface needing plowed.  Marking property edges to improve visibility of the areas to be cleared is a common practice up north.  Truth be told, it is rarely necessary in Springfield, Missouri. None the less, for snow events of epidemic proportions, they are a tool we have available and utilize.  The snow fall here just doesn’t accumulate long enough for that to be a common issue.  As well, snow events in our area are quite random.  Some years we may see a few feet of snowfall come down, in a handful of multiple-inch snow events.  Other years, we might barely see a few inches of snow stick to the ground.  Truth be told, we seem to have greater problems with ice accumulation than we do with snow accumulation down here in southwest Missouri.

No matter what Winter brings, we have your back when it comes to snow plowing and ice control services.  Just give us a call or shoot us an email. (417) 837-1578 or

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