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Tree & Shrub Care Services

One of our specialties is designing plant health care programs. We can help you identify the shrubs and trees on your property so that they can be correctly trimmed at the appropriate time of year. Shrubs and trees can become susceptible to many pests and pathogens when incorrectly maintained. We can treat some pests and pathogens with chemical applications. Other issues may leave plants unsalvageable. Let us work with you to make the best decisions for your unique situation.

Professional Care For Your Trees and Shrubs

There are many reasons to have your shrubs professionally cared for. First of all, shrubs add value to your property when well-maintained. It is also proven that trees and plants increase your health and happiness. Some trees and plants can even help lower utility costs, provide privacy barriers, and serve as drainage solutions. But sick plants do not provide any of these benefits. Utilizing the care of professionals ensures that you are doing all you can to protect the great benefits a beautiful, thriving landscape can provide.

Gabris Landscaping Tree And Shrub Care Services

When it comes to trimming your trees and bushes, we are not just whacking off limbs and branches. We pick and choose the correct tool for the job, the correct location to trim, and the correct time of year to do the trimming. These all reduce the stress factors that make plants more susceptible to pest or disease problems. A large portion of our tree and shrub care services are provided through our applications department, with insecticide and fungicide programs. However, the identification of such problems usually starts with the free consultation and estimate for a basic shrub or tree trimming service.

Trimming already stressed plants can often lead to their demise. Minimizing the stress in a plants life is the key to proper and healthy care. Sometimes that means the use of chemicals, but often problems can be avoided altogether if a plant does not get over-stressed.

Sometimes our tree and shrub care services are as simple as picking the bag worms off an infected bush. Every now and then a tree could benefit from a tree injection. Our tree service company has ISA Certified Arborists that are ArborJet certified to perform tree injections when necessary. Even with the use of sophisticated tree injection techniques, most of the common problems with plants are not curable. Rather, these problems need regular monitoring and suppression, combined with good health care practices.

We offer root stimulating treatments to promote plant health in many cases where plants consistently struggle. We also utilize those treatments to improve the vigor and resilience of plants, enabling them to better fight disease and insect problems. Mulching is another shrub and tree care service we provide to improve the general living conditions for our customer’s plants.

Tree and shrub health care is about the combination of care techniques, including pruning, trimming, root stimulators, and mulching. One of the most important factors in tree and shrub health is selecting plant varieties with resistance to know pest and disease problems. If you plant a healthy, resistant plant, and plant to maintain it utilizing some of our many care techniques, you have just created your first tree and shrub health care program.

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