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Why Build a Water Feature?

The sound of splashing water can really set the mood for your outdoor entertainment area. Add in a few landscape lights and you have the start of a great night, right in your back yard. Imagine how fun it could be to sit outside on your paver patio, chatting with friends, around your built-in fire pit as the gentle sound of water rushes in the background. With a few soft accent lights can highlight yet another beautiful evening in the Ozarks.

If you want to keep it simple and still enjoy the auditory benefits of running water in the landscape, we have a water feature solution for that. We offer installation services for simple block waterfalls and can also help customers set up many pre-built water features. Micro-skimmer and auto-fill valve additions to one of our water features can cut back on maintenance.

If you really want your landscape to make a statement, include a custom built water feature.  Since we build them from scratch, the possibilities are endless. From soothing creeks and coy ponds to magnificent waterfalls, let us really step up the ambiance of your landscape. Our suppliers custom cut the liners for our ponds from high quality of material, (45 mil EPDM pond liner), so we have just right size of pond liner for whatever size of water feature you have in mind.

One of our favorite suppliers for pond construction is Aquascape. Many of the parts we use to build our custom water features are found on their website. To learn more about water fall pumps, pond hoses, and water feature accessories, we recommend checking out the Aquascape website.

Water Feature Maintenance and Cleaning Services

Cleaning out that old water feature in the landscape can be quite a project. There is no question about it, cleaning and maintenance is the only downfall of having a waterfall or pond in the landscape. Don’t get stuck in water feature muck. Let our landscape team handle the draining and cleaning so you can spend your weekends enjoying time with the family.

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